Over 20-years of baja experience

Husband and wife team, Chris and Jen run Baja Test Kitchen. Curating and sharing Baja's burgeoning food, wine and craft beer movement is our passion. Jen began her explorations of Baja as a little girl with her parents Hugh and Carol, in the 1980s. Chris's discovery of Baja started on a faithful summer road-trip in an old VW camper with his parents, Terri and Bob, in the mid 1980s. On those first trips, we both caught "the Baja bug" and we haven't been able (or wanted) to shake it since. Over the years we have explored just about every town, village, surf break and fishing camp on the Baja peninsula. In 2013, we began offering "tasting tours" to Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe.

Our love for Baja runs deep... so much so that we chose to exchange our wedding vows in the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, and now call Baja home! We invite you to ride along with us, as we share with you our love for this magical place: its mouthwatering food, its world-class wine, its artisan beers, its breathtaking vistas, and its kindhearted people. Come Baja with us!

- Chris & Jen