In the spirit of binational unity and cooperation, the BAJA BEER CRAFT 2016 theme is “Cross Border Collaboration” – the event will feature collaboration brews co-created by Baja California and Southern California brewers. To get the kettles warmed up, there will be a USD $1,000 cash prize for the best cross-border collaboration brew, as voted on by the event’s attendees. Participation details and contest entry application below...


DATE: Friday, November 11th, 6-10pm


WHERE: Corky McMillin Event Center, Liberty Station, POINT Loma, San Diego

MAP: 2875 Dewey Road, San Diego, CA 92106, U.S.A.

contact: for more information

Contest Format: The cross border collaboration beer contest is open to Baja California and Southern California breweries working together to brew a unique "collaboration beer" for the BAJA BEER CRAFT 2016 event. Contest participation is limited to breweries that have registered and been accepted to participate in the BAJA BEER CRAFT 2016 event. Baja California brewers should pick a Southern California craft brewery partner, and complete the contest entry application below. If you need help connecting with San Diego or Southern California brewers, let us know and we’ll connect you to breweries interested in collaboration.

Contest Entry Requirements:  Contest participation is free, but limited to breweries that have registered and been accepted to participate in the BAJA BEER CRAFT 2016 event and have submitted the contest entry application at the bottom of this page. Collaboration beers must be brewed in a licensed brewing facility in the United States or Mexico, in compliance with local health and safety standards, regulations, and laws.

Contest Judging:  Baja Beer Craft 2016 event attendees will cast their votes for the best "cross border collaboration beer" at the event. Voting will be administered by the event organizer, Baja Test Kitchen. Baja Test Kitchen will tally/count the votes by 9pm on the night of the event, and will announce the winner before the end of the event. The contest winner will be determined by Baja Test Kitchen in its sole yet reasonable judgement, pursuant to its count of the votes. Issuance of the $1,000 cash prize is pursuant to the contest winner's submission of required tax documents.

Expected Number of Participating Craft Breweries:  Twenty (20)

Expected Number of Event Attendees:  600-1,000+ paid attendants

How Much Beer Should We Brew for the Contest?  It's up to you, but to ensure that every event attendee is able to taste your beer to render their vote, we recommend brewing/bringing at least 20-gallons of your collaboration brew to the event.

Will We Get Paid For Our Beer?  Yes! See below and Vendor Information for more details.

Beer Sales Format:  Regulations and laws established by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) require that we strictly control the sale and on-site distribution of alcohol to people over 21-years of age. Accordingly, all event staff and attendees must be at least 21 years old. We are required to check staff and attendee IDs at the door, issue wristbands to attendees over the age of 21, and sell beer tickets from a central location to attendees of legal drinking age. Beer and food tickets will only be sold by Baja Test Kitchen (the event organizer) at the event, and will be redeemed by you at your booth. Distribution of free beer will not be allowed - all beer must be purchased with the event's official beer tickets.

Cross border collaboration BEER contest Application

Your Name *
Your Name
Name of your brewery
Your Mobile Phone Number *
Your Mobile Phone Number
Country Codes: 52 for Mexico and 01 for U.S.
What is your history, background, philosophy, etc.
Do you need help finding a U.S. collaboration brewing partner? *
Name of their brewery. If you need help finding a collaboration brewery, write "TBD" here.
Name of Primary Contact at Collaboration Brewery
Name of Primary Contact at Collaboration Brewery
Phone Number for Collaboration Partner Contact
Phone Number for Collaboration Partner Contact
All breweries must complete and submit one of these forms before sales or contest payments can be made.
If you do not agree, do not submit this contest application.