Curating and Sharing Baja California's Culinary Movement


There is a cultural movement afoot. Baja California is reinventing itself as a center for culinary excellence, organic farming, superior wine making, and artisan craft brewing. Innovative chefs, farmers, wine makers, and brewmasters are defining a new Mexican culinary experience. Baja California's food movement is bred from necessity, forged by hand, steeped in tradition, and inspired by the times.


Come see and taste for yourself, all that Baja California has to offer...


We offer expertly-curated wine, craft beer, and foodie tours in Baja California. From a single-day jaunt from the border to multi-day culinary expeditions, our award-winning tasting tours will stimulate your taste buds while igniting your imagination.

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Our friendly and fun cooking classes and culinary workshops are taught by renowned Baja chefs, winemakers, and brewmasters, right in their own kitchens and facilities! Come learn from the best as you master the art of Baja California cuisine.

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