Building Bridges of Ethnic and Cultural Understanding Through Food

Gastronomy Without Borders™ is an international culinary organization that builds bridges of ethnic and cultural understanding and appreciation through food. We endeavor to understand the history and origins of ingredients and cooking techniques that have traveled the globe, creating textured, diverse, and vibrant foodscapes the world over. Our curated cross-border collaborations elevate the most basic of human needs — food and nourishment — and bring people together from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures around the table to share in a meal.

We produce world-class gastronomic events, tasting tours, educational workshops, and culinary expeditions that showcase the talents of international chefs, winemakers, brewmasters, and sustainable producers. Focused on cultural understanding and culinary education, Gastronomy Without Borders events and trips endeavor to tell the unique stories behind the food and beverage on your table.

Current & Past Projects

  • Edible Baja™ IS a CURRENT collaboration with edible san diego FOR AN ongoing series of BINATIONAL culinary events celebrating the unique gastronomic connections between Baja California (Mexico) and Alta California (United States)

  • We have produced private and public culinary events, gatherings, workshops, dinners, retreats, and tours for clients — too many to list here. please use the form below if you are interested in collaborating with us to produce a gastronomy without borders event.

  • Baja Beer Craft™ was produced in 2015 by Baja Test Kitchen in collaboration with venue host MingeI International Museum TO BRING 13 Baja California craft brewers to san diego beer week for a curated evening of beer tasting and food

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