Not your typical ship-to-shore excursion... Sit back as we guide you and your taste buds through a mouthwatering exploration of Mexico's famed Valle de Guadalupe wine region. Designed for a more discriminating clientele, our intimate and unique "tasting tours" are a cut above the ordinary large group shore excursions offered by most cruise lines. Departing from the Port of Ensenada, you'll visit some of the most exclusive boutique wineries in the Guadalupe Valley, sampling world-class wines, then eat a curated gourmet lunch 'al fresco', overlooking the vineyards at a farm-to-table campestre-style restaurant, before returning to your cruise ship.

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Baja Test Kitchen is the only U.S. based tour operator serving the Port of Ensenada. We have led countless ship-to-shore wine and food excursions for cruise ship passengers of all the major cruise lines, including Carnival, Princess, Royal Carribean, Holland America, Disney, and Oceana.