Have you always wanted to work in the kitchen of a master chef, wine maker, or brewmaster, learning their tricks of the culinary trade?  Baja Test Kitchen has developed relationships with some of Baja's most renowned eateries, wineries, and craft breweries to bring you unique hands-on culinary learning experiences. Our fun and casual cooking classes and culinary workshops are taught in English or Spanish, right in the master's own facilities. From hole-in-the-wall taco stands to elegant five-star eateries, our culinary partners are amongst the best restaurants, wineries, and craft breweries in Mexico.

Book a PRIVATE Culinary Workshop


  • Single-day and multi-day Baja California culinary workshops and courses for groups of 6-14 people (minimum group size for a culinary workshop or cooking class is 6-people; we offer tiered pricing based on the size of your group, the bigger the group, the less the cost per person).
    • Our friendly and fun cooking classes and culinary workshops are taught by renowned Baja chefs, winemakers, and brewmasters, right in their own kitchens and facilities!
  • All-inclusive private culinary tour package...
    • One price covers your culinary workshop or cooking class, food, beverages, tastings, transportation, and tour guide, as described in your itinerary.
    • If you'll be staying overnight, we'll help you pick just the right accommodations for your stay.
  • Transportation from our designated meeting point on the U.S. side of the border, or from the Port of Ensenada, to our workshop location in Northern Baja California, Mexico.
    • Our well-appointed tour vehicles are air conditioned for your comfort and insured for commercial-level transportation in Mexico.
    • Door-to-door cross-border transportation from San Diego available for an extra cost.
  • Ship-to-shore day excursions from the Port of Ensenada.
  • Our bilingual gastroguides are knowledgable ambassadors of Northern Baja California's culinary scene.


  • All-inclusive Cooking Classes & Culinary Workshops:
    • Ship-to-shore same-day excursion from the Port of Ensenada, starting at $149 USD pp.
    • Single-day excursions from San Diego to Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada and/or the Valle de Guadalupe wine region, starting at $169 USD pp.
    • Multi-day culinary expeditions from San Diego to Northern Baja California, contact for pricing.


  • There are no public classes or workshops scheduled at this time.
    • Submit the inquiry form below for more information about our custom-designed private culinary workshops and cooking classes for groups of 6-14 participants (a minimum of six paid participants are required to schedule a culinary workshop or cooking class).


For more information about our Baja California cooking classes and culinary workshops for groups of 6-14 participants, including a sample itinerary and price quote for your group, please complete the inquiry form below; or view our calendar of upcoming scheduled group tasting tours.

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Culinary workshops and cooking classes are available for groups of 6-14 only. If you aren’t sure how many people your group will be, please provide an estimate now and we can adjust your reservation as necessary later.
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