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What others are saying about Baja Test Kitchen...

It was just what you’d want if you were to explore a new region.. someone who is enthralled and bilingual and eager to share his experience but just happened to be smart and educated and friendly and had gone before, come back and pounded on your front door saying “hey, you gotta see this, come check this out with me.” Wow, it was fun!
— Yelp Reviewer, Karen from Berkeley, CA

Karen (far left) with her friends on tour with BTK, exploring one of the Valle's unique lodging options.


Robert (far right) and his good friend Cari learn about the organic wine making process at La Lomita Winery while on tour with BTK.

We invited two of our close friends to join us on a personal week-end wine tasting tour of Guadalupe Valley. It was a great experience. Chris took us to a wonderful selection of wineries and restaurants. He was very a knowledgeable, organized and delightful guide. We appreciated his insight of the valley and its unique character. We will be back with more friends!
— Google Reviewer, Robert from San Diego, CA
In the Valle it is not about quantity, it is about quality and this is something that large tours simply cannot provide. It is about enjoying each winery, hearing the stories told by the owners and staff, enjoying the beauty of the scenery with the changing light throughout the day — these are simply things that you will miss out on if you are herded along with dozens of people on large buses... Just like travel anywhere, it is important to be mindful of the culture and environment and we felt like Baja Test Kitchen allowed us to experience the Valle as it is meant to be.
— Trip Advisor Reviewer, Katie from Tijuana, Mexico

Katie (front right) and her friends, all Baja California residents, enjoying lunch under the pine trees at El Pinar de 3 Mujeres in Valle de Guadalupe.


Princess cruise ship passengers Doug and his wife Linda on tour with BTK, enjoying the vineyard views from atop this unique wine barrel perch at Finca Altozano.

We enjoyed 5 to 7 wines at each location and it was obvious that Chris personally knew each winery and the staff. We traveled in a Land Rover ideally suited for the dirt roads that led to each winery... This tour was the highlight of our cruise and gave us a new passion for future trips to the Guadalupe Valley with Baja Test Kitchen!
— Trip Advisor Reviewer, Doug from Laguna Hills, CA
My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of Baja Tasting Kitchen taking us on a customized tour of Valle de Guadalupe, and we are so thankful we booked it! Chris is friendly, approachable, accommodating, and super knowledgable. The booking process was easy. Chris was attentive throughout via email, and answered any questions I had. He booked an itinerary based on our interests, as well as utilizing his Valle relationships. The tour day was easy — Chris picked us up at our hotel, and educated us on the Valle as a whole, as well as each amazing stop. The tour with Baja Tasting Kitchen was such a value; we felt it was an incredible investment and definitely got above and beyond what we expected. Can’t recommend enough!
— Trip Advisor Reviewer, Brooke from Los Angeles, CA

Brooke and her boyfriend on tour with BTK, enjoying the wine and unique cellar tasting room at Vena Cava Winery in the Valle de Guadalupe.


Marianna and her husband Todd enjoying the wine and expansive views from Palafox winery.

Our experience with Baja Test Kitchen was absolutely amazing. We got to ride in comfort and style in a luxurious Land Rover around beautiful back roads in the Guadalupe Valley. We got to try some delicious foods and wines in some incredible settings. Chris is charming and knowledgeable and helped to create an unforgettable experience for us. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
— Yelp Reviewer, Marianna from Salt Lake City, UT
From pickup to drop off, this food tasting tour experience was phenomenal! The tour guide, knowledgeable, personable and attentive; the views breathtaking; the wine complex and blended to perfection and the food delectable!
— Trip Advisor Reviewer, Stacy from St. Louis, MO

Stacy and her husband Lewis, on tour with BTK, enjoying a lovely day of wine tasting and exploring in the Valle de Guadalupe. Neither had been to Mexico before this trip, and they absolutely loved it!

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